Poly Flex

Poly Flex Mounting Systems

Poly Flex Poly Flex mounting systems are designed as true marine propulsion engine mounts with sufficient vertical deflection to obtain proven vibration isolation. They have controlled minimum thrust and lateral deflection under propolsion load and inertia due to sea conditions. They are designed to have a failsafe that in the event of a capsize the engine will not break away from it's bearers. Moulded components are manufactured from Polénite™ a special range of engineering heat cured polymer alloys.

Our mounts are also suited to the mining, defence, industrial,commercial, agricultural and automotive industries. We also manufacture mounts for instrumentation

Flexible Coupling Systems

Poly Flex flexible disc transmission couplings provide a damper between the gearbox and propeller shaft to isolate torsional vibration from the engine and gearbox. It also reduces the shock of forward and reverse gear changes. Our coupling work in conjunction with the engine mounts by providing the softest element in the shaft assembly to improve performance. All metal components are plated in SA5 Cobalt Zinc for maximum corrosion resistance and durability.

Steel Shaft Coupling Systems

Steel half couplings and spacers are manufactured from CS1040 grade bright steel and machined to high precision in our CNC turning centre. They are machined in two stages where extreme care is taken to ensure there is no more than 0.001 (0.025mm) runout. We aim for a high quality finish and tolerance. THe next stage of the process is to give our half couplings a coating to resist nature's elements, which causes rust and corrosion. As we do with all our steel components, they are treated with a SA5 cobalt zinc, process which has far better properties that standard passivated zinc.